Frequently Asked Questions

At The Nanny Collective (TNC) we specialise in placing highly qualified and professional nannies and Early Childhood professionals into diverse families with a variety of requirements and demands. Our nannies have glowing references, up-to-date checks and a genuine passion for working with children.

Because our families are looking for longevity, security and professionalism, we often avoid working with travellers and students who may have changing timetables or limited availability.

Educational backgrounds can include:

– Tertiary Certificates or Diplomas
– Early Childhood/ Primary Education University Degrees
– Nursing Degrees
– Sleep Training Courses
– Newborn Care Specialist Courses
– Other Professional development workshops and qualifications

Whilst Early Childhood qualifications are fantastic, many nannies do not possess any formal qualifications, and instead have years of professional experience.

We place a high value on professional experience, engagement in long-term roles, and strong parent references. We do not necessarily recommend qualifications over hands on experience.

Once your family has decided to move forward with us, we:

  • Establish your families’ unique needs and draft the advertisement for your position
  • Advertise your role to our nanny database (phone and email), website, job boards, social media, etc. 
  • Pre-screen and interview potential candidates 
  • Compile a shortlist of potential nannies and send nanny resumes for you to view 
  • Liaise with both parties to schedule interviews (we can also arrange second interviews/ a trail day)
  • Conduct candidates checks and references
  • Provide you with a 2-week probation period with your chosen nanny (if for whatever reason you feel as though the nanny is not the perfect fit for you and your family we will go back to the drawing board and source additional candidates for you to meet with)
  • Supply your family with a template Nanny/Family employment agreement 
  • Support both parties during recruitment and beyond successful placement 

As per the requirements set forth by the Australian Nanny Association, our comprehensive nanny screening process includes conducting child-related reference checks and verifying candidates’ Working with Children Checks and First Aid Certificates.

If the position entails responsibilities such as driving and cleaning, we also ensure that the nanny obtains a police check. This additional step aligns with our commitment to providing a secure and trustworthy environment for your family.

Our goal is to provide you with as many opportunities to find the best possible candidate for your family. We usually shortlist a minimum of 3 candidates for a family to meet with (and up to 5). Whilst we do not want to overburden families with too many shortlisted candidates, we prefer not to set limits on the number of suitable candidates we send your way

The recruitment process usually takes anywhere from 2-6 weeks. Placement times are dependent on a number of factors (the current state of the market, the days, hours, location and duties of your role).

Whilst we may be able to source candidates for you to meet with quite quickly it is important to consider that some nannies may have notice periods with their current families that they would be expected to see through. These are important considerations to keep in mind when selecting a candidate to move forward with.

TNC usually only work with blocks of 7 hours of more per day (for permanent ongoing roles).

Shorter nanny hours often attract candidates that we prefer NOT to work with (i.e. travellers, students and au pairs), who can at times struggle to provide families with the commitment and stability required.

Professional nannies simply cannot sustain themselves financially when working shorter days (i.e. 4 hours in the afternoon). Their earning potential is limited by however many hours they can work in the one day and it is almost impossible for a nanny to find a second role to work alongside an existing one (in the same day).

If what you are looking for is a professional, experienced nanny, then we suggest increasing your daily hours to a minimum of 7 and including additional tasks for the nanny if needed (even if this means needing to drop your total nanny days).

As you may know the internet is inundated with advertisements for after school nanny positions.

The types of nannies that are interested in after school work are often travellers or students and more often than not, getting commitment, stability or reliability from them can be challenging. 

Many of the nannies on our database are only interested in working a full day. Accepting only a few hours of work each afternoon means that the nanny is usually unable to find work for the earlier part of the day, resulting in the nannies earning ability (how many hours they can work) to be significantly affected. Hence, the lack of interest in these roles. 

For those families that are interested — the addition of more hours and added duties to the role could certainly make your position more popular. If you are interested in discussing these options (i.e. a nanny/housekeeper for a minimum of 7 hours per day) we would love to talk you through them. Often many of our families benefit from having someone come to the home from roughly 10 or 11am, complete some laundry, light household tasks, run some household errands/grocery shop and manage meal preparation before heading off to school for the afternoon pick up. This also means that the nanny has more quality time with the children in the afternoons.


Yes, absolutely! Many professional nannies work part time with 2 families, so there are always nannies looking to fill an extra day or two (or three!) with work.

Most nannies work consecutive days at either end of the week with their families, and hence, most nannies will be searching for the same in their second part time role (consecutive days at either end of the week). The reason for this is that it is much easier to find work when you have consecutive days available.

For example, advertising a position for a Monday and Thursday (non-consecutive days) means that a nanny will then need to fill the remaining days with another family and this could prove very challenging and may see her unable to secure employment for some time.

Where possible, and if you would like to open your role up to as many candidates as possible, advertising that you are flexible with which days you require can increase the number of applications for your role, and the more applications we receive, the better quality your nanny shortlist will be.

Of course, we understand that families don’t always have the option to choose the days they require nanny care. We understand this and will ensure we do all that we can to find you a quality shortlist of nannies regardless of the days you require.

The Nanny Collective function as a referral service which means we refer our nannies to you for employment. Your agreement with your nanny is private however we are always there to provide you both parties with guidance and support.

We provide you with information and resources on how you can set yourself up as an employee. We also provide you with a fantastic Nanny/Family agreement that you can choose to use with your nanny.

Most families don’t want the hassle of figuring out how to payroll a nanny and hence, they often prefer to engage with the domestic payroll service CarePayCo, who can organise and manage nanny payroll and compliance for you. They offer a comprehensive service at an affordable rate. For more information click here.

It is essential to have insurance that covers domestic employees in the event of injury in the workplace (your home). CarePayCo can organise your Workers Compensation Insurance for you, alternatively this is something you can organise yourself. 

It is also important to review your car insurance policy if you require your nanny to drive your family car.

As your hired nanny will be considered your direct employee, the responsibility of managing sick days and leave falls under your purview. Our standard package does not include the provision of replacement nannies. However, we offer an additional service that allows you to engage a casual nanny from our pool of professionals to provide interim assistance.

For booking a casual nanny, a booking fee of $80 per day is applicable, and subsequent days incur an additional charge of up to $30 per day, depending on the period of your enquiry.

It’s important to note that payments for the nanny service should be made directly to the nanny by you.

We also provide discounts for longer periods; feel free to enquire about our special rates for extended engagements. This flexibility is designed to ensure that your childcare needs are met, even in unforeseen circumstances, while offering you the convenience of seamless assistance.

If you decide that you no longer want or require the services of your nanny you are able to terminate the agreement at any point during the arrangement. It is important to note that if you have used a contract with your nanny you will likely be required to give them notice (these notice periods can vary based on what you included in your agreement). Some special circumstances will allow for termination without notice (as per your contract).

Once the arrangement has been terminated and if you decide that you would like to engage our services again, we would be required to begin recruitment from scratch, and this requires a new placement fee. In some instances, we may be able to offer our families a discount for their returned business.

Many of our clients are first time parents. The thought of having a stranger in your home, caring for your child can be very daunting however what we have found is that when the right nanny is placed in your home, these feelings can quickly dissipate.

A great nanny will make you feel at ease, will provide you with confidence and will act as an extension of your family. Attachments to nannies can grow quite quickly and we have had many of our families comment on the fact that they don’t know how they ever did it all without their nanny.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch or alternatively fill in our Enquiry Form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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